Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential learning model that partners horses with humans for personal growth and learning.

​​​Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)have a focus on personal growth,  learning and/or educational goals.  This is an experiential, hands-on approach.  The EAL focus is on education and learning specific skills customized by the individual or group, such as improved confidence, academic growth, communication, and leadership skills.  For EAP, mental health therapists team with an equine specialist and with horses at the barn  for therapy sessions.  The focus is always on the client and the horse and solution-oriented.

Participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses, and then processing feelings, behaviors, and patterns. Some of the processing occurs during sessions, and other times it occurs outside the session time, as the experience seeps in.  One of the beautiful things about EAL/EAP is that the experience is so individual and will be different for each participant, but each experience happens and is real.  This approach has been compared to a variety of other human development courses; but EAL/EAP activities have the added advantage of connecting with 
horses, dynamic and powerful living beings.

Elizabeth Allen (Beth) has been an education professional for more than 20 years.  Her experience began as a 1:1 teacher assistant with special needs individuals and then with small groups.  Through that journey she gained immense experience in the world of disabilities which stayed with her throughout her teaching and administrative years.  Beth has a deep, deep passion for teaching and assisting children of all ages find success.  Though she loves working with all children, she is drawn to those students who need something "out of the box" to help them meet their learning goals.  

Prior to entering the teaching world, Beth worked many years in a corporate environment.  Each day included collaboration with top executives, multiple office, assembly line, warehouse staff, outside vendors, and truck drivers.  This experience provided her with the ability to understand how all individuals have a skill set that is necessary in the "web" of the work that needs to get done each day.    Each day brought experiences that displayed the need for teamwork, collaboration, and strong communication skills.  

Personal experiences throughout her life with family, friends, and co-workers have given her a deeper understanding of relationships and their importance in everything we do.  A few years ago, in March of 2013, Beth took a huge step into an unknown world, which changed her life.  She applied to adopt, gentle, and show a wild mustang yearling and was accepted.  That journey began May 1st and continues to this day.  That experience is what led Beth to equine assisted learning.  There was such an incredible bond and understanding that occurred during the relationship building between her and this little mustang.  Beth wondered about how this could help her students that needed something else to help them learn.  Each day had many moments that paralleled activities in the classroom and activities with the horses.  Beth has become certified in EAGALA and has completed basic training in Natural Lifemanship, both of which offer incredible experiences in this profession.

Today, the adventure continues as Successful Strides, Inc. has been created to bring these two great passions together.  Using her experience and skills, the journey placed before her will help bring personal growth and positive, successful moments to children and adults through relationships with horses and each other.  Together, we will be "moving forward with confidence". 

​Our mission is to offer opportunities for youth and adults to partner with horses to obtain successful personal growth.

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